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Have you heard of the 2018 OpenPOWER/CAPI and OpenCAPI Heterogeneous Computing Design Contest?

Organized by IBM China, Inspur Power Commercial System, The OpenPOWER Foundation, the OpenCAPI Consortium and Fudan University Microelectronics College, 2018 CAPI/OpenCAPI heterogeneous computing design contest begins July 6th.

What's new on the IBM Portal for OpenPOWER?

Interested in what is new for POWER8, POWER8 with NVIDIA NVLink, POWER9, CAPI & more? Check out the latest material posted in the IBM Portal for OpenPOWER, click the button below.

Welcome to the IBM Portal for OpenPOWER

Welcome to the IBM Portal for OpenPOWER, IBM's portal to server-class intellectual property that can inspire innovation. The OpenPOWER Foundation is an open development alliance that is rethinking the ecosystem for hyperscale and cloud data centers. For more information about the OpenPOWER Foundation, it's mission, and how to join, visit the link below.

Have you heard of OpenCAPI?

The OpenCAPI Consortium is an open forum to manage the OpenCAPI specification and ecosystem. For more information about the OpenCAPI Consortium, it's mission and how to join, visit the link below.